How To Make A Magic Circle




In the world of amigurumi, a big problem when just starting can be the dreaded and elusive magic circle. It’s one of the ways you can crochet in the round to get started making some really cute amigurumi.

Don’t let the magic circle intimidate you! Come on in yarnie friends, I’ll help you out! I’ve put together this photo guide and video to help you make a magic circle!


Bear in mind that I am left-handed and my photo guide reflects this – Right-handed crocheters: you may want to switch hands to see if this is more comfortable for you.


Let’s Make A Magic Circle!

Hold your yarn, leaving about a six-inch tail (left). Holding the working side of the yarn between your thumb and ring finger, begin to wrap your yarn tail around your pointer and middle fingers, going in a slant towards the tips of your fingers as pictured (right).



Bring yarn up and around the back of your fingers but coming down in a straight line (left). Bring yarn up around the front of your fingers and cross the yarn over in front, making an X shape. (right).



Bring yarn up and around the back of your fingers, again in a straight line (left). Hold your yarn tail between your ring and thumb fingers to keep everything in place for the next step. Now, taking your thumb and pointer from your other hand, pinch the yarn together right where it crosses, at the “X” (right).



Now, pull the circle off of your fingers (left). Next, insert your hook through the middle of the circle (right).



Wrap the working yarn around your hook.



Pull your hook through the circle (left). Next, you’ll need to make a chain stitch. Do this by wrapping the yarn around your hook (right).



Now pull through the loop on your hook to create the chain stitch.



This is your magic circle (left). Now, let’s start making single crochet stitches into your circle. Right-handed crocheters take note – at this point, you may want to turn your circle so the tail is on the left side and the working yarn is on the right so you can start crocheting right-handed. Insert your hook through the middle of the circle again, making sure you are underneath both the working yarn and the tail. You will be making single crochet stitches around both of these strands.



Start to make your single crochet by wrapping yarn around hook and pulling a loop up through the circle.



Now you’ll have two loops on your hook (left). Yarn over again (right).



Pull through both loops on hook (left). Here is your first single crochet into the magic circle (right). Make as many single crochets into the magic circle as your pattern specifies. The pattern will tell you how many to make in your circle by using language similar to or the same as “Make # sc into magic ring” – the # will be replaced with the number of stitches that the pattern wants you to make.



For this example, I’ve made six single crochet stitches into the circle (left). Now, to close the circle. Hold the yarn tail in one hand (right).



Holding on to the magic circle in your other hand, pull the yarn tail (left). The hole will close up and become a circle. Now you can start working in the round to make amigurumi! That’s the beauty of the magic circle!


I’ve also put together a video showing how I make the magic circle in case this might help you more. 



I really hope this helped you make your magic circle! Leave a comment below and let me know if I can clarify anything else for you – I’m beyond happy to help you learn!


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