Sunflower Face Scrubby



So lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about making sustainable and reusable items to use at home. I decided to come up with this sunflower face scubby to replace the facial sponges and plastic scrubbies I have used in the past. I figure every change can help, even a small one!

To take the eco-friendliness even further, I decided to use Lion Brand’s line of recycled cotton, Re-Up. I had purchased it some time ago and squirrelled it away like the yarn hoarder that I am, and it turns out this is a great project for it! According to Lion Brand’s website, it can take 20,000 liters of water to make 1kg of cotton. Who knew? I sure didn’t! It turns out that Re-Up saves 1,400 liters of water, which is just fantastic!

You can easily substitute any cotton yarn you would like, my only suggestion would be to adjust the hook size you use. I wanted the scrubby to hold up to some good ol’ face scrubbin’ so I used a smaller hook than I normally would when working with the yarn. I found using an F(3.75) mm hook worked best with Re-Up as it was less bulky than, for example, Lily’s Sugar n’ Cream.



  • Lion Brand Re-Up, in Black (approx. 3.5 yards) and Sunflower (approx. 4.5 yards)
  • Size F (3.75mm)
  • Yarn Needle


Abbreviations Used

ch (chain)

sc (single crochet)

hdc (half double crochet)

dc (double crochet)

sl st (slip stitch)



Gauge is not terribly important here, what you’re after is a nice firm stitch so your scrubby will stand up to a good face scrubbin’.

This pattern is written using US terminology.

The center of the sunflower is made using joined rounds.

Finished scrubbies measure approximately 3 inches wide.

The beginning ch of each round of sunflower center does not count as a stitch.

If you want to make a cute pin out of this scrubby, you can find great pin backings here.

Please note that I crochet left-handed and my photo guides may reflect this. If you crochet right-handed (with your hook in your right hand), all the stitches are the same and will look the same, you will simply be working in the opposite direction as I am.

Please do not copy or sell my pattern in any way. You are welcome to sell finished objects made using my pattern. I only ask for you to credit me so that other makers can find my patterns as well.



Flower Center (Using black yarn)

Ch 4 and sl st to first ch, forming a circle.

Row 1: Ch 3, make 8 dc in ring. Sl st in first dc. (8)

Row 2: Ch 3, make 2 dc in each stitch. Sl st to first dc using Sunflower (yellow) colorway. (16)


*Ch 5, in second ch from hook, sl st, sc in next ch, hdc in remaining two ch. Sl st in next st. Repeat from * until end of row. You will have 16 petals.


Tie off and weave in ends.

Wash and lay flat to air dry.



Photo Guide


For this photo guide, I switched up the colors a bit so the stitches are a little easier to see.









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